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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Updates in the South Gwinnett shooting case

More information is coming to the surface about the shooting that occurred on the grounds of Britt Elementary School in Snellville following a South Gwinnett High School football game.

Three suspects have been arrested so far. Police say they believe that neither of the two most recent suspects arrested were the trigger man in the shooting. They are Leander Smith, age 17 and Brad Louden, 18 of Loganville. Both teens were said to have firearms with them at the time of the Friday night shooting incident.

The 16-year-old who is the suspected trigger-man will likely be prosecuted as an adult. He's currently being held in a juvenile detention facility.  More arrests may be forthcoming as more is learned about the altercation.

The victim in the shooting was Donya Dorch, age 16, of Suwanee Ga.  Dorch was shot in the chest. As of yesterday, he was still hospitalized at Gwinnett Medical Center.

Gwinnett County Schools spokesperson told the Gwinnett Daily Post newspaper that Brad Louden is enrolled as a senior at Hooper Renwick School in Lawrenceville, and that 17-year-old Smith is in 8th grade at Grace Snell Middle School. Although Smith is on the rolls for Snell Middle School, officials said he hadn't attended classes at all this year. From his conversations with police, apparently Leander Smith revealed that he was at the rank of "Captain" in his gang, but somehow I don't think that's going to impress many people on an employment application.

Both Smith and Louden have been charged with felony weapon possession and gang participation. At some point during the evening, Smith pointed a gun at another person and threatened to squeeze the trigger. That shooting threat added aggravated assault to his charges. Snellville Police Chief Roy Whitehead said that police investigators were able to locate the weapons in the homes of both suspects.

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Dad said...

What the helling HELL is a 17-year-old doing attending Middle School? If you can't bring yourself to social-promote him, you need to find someplace else for him. 17 is too big for Middle School.

My Snellville Blog said...

I think there should be a cut-off age too. I believe there is a cut-off age for high school. I believe that Hooper-Renwick School is an alternative school for kids with severe discipline problems - part of G.I.V.E.