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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snellville teen charged with vandalism of mailboxes in joyride

SNELLVILLE - A Gwinnett teen has been charged with running over about two dozen mailboxes in Snellville and Loganville neighborhoods during an after-party vandalism spree, police said.

Phillip Rohrer, 18, of Snellville and a passenger reportedly took a destructive joyride in a 1997 Dodge Ram on Loganville’s Brusymill Court and Snellville’s Hidden Forest Drive, among other locations, about 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. Edwin Ritter said Rohrer is responsible for toppling and damaging 24 mailboxes in the spree. Read complete article at the Gwinnett Daily Post


Anonymous said...

Why wasn'tr this teen charged with driver a vehicle under the influence? He could have killed someone including himself.

Why wasn't the person who allowed underage drinking investigated?

Do we only enforce laws that are convienent?

MSB said...

With 24 misdemeanors, he could spend up to 24 years in jail, so whether he still can legally drive becomes a moot point. If he's in jail a long time, he won't be driving.

Randy said...

Even if he does get jail time - most of that would be served on probation. He'll still have a license and wouldn't have learned anything about the consequences of drinking and driving.

Then again, he might just be ordered to pay restitution for the mailboxes - what will that teach him next time he gets behind the wheel after drinking?

Doesn't make me feel real safe and I'm not worried about my mailbox.

MSB said...

Ugh. I see he is out on bail. Well that is a surprise. I would expect that when the case gets to the Solicitor's Office, they will tack on additional charges.