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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Man accused of embezzling money from church

Floy Jumper accused of taking from church
LAWRENCEVILLE — "Former Planning Commissioner Floy Jumper is facing an investigation over checks written to himself as treasurer of his church. ...

In the report, Glen Smotherman of Peachtree Corners Presbyterian Church said Jumper confessed to “taking money from the church without permission.” This year, checks valued at $26,807 were taken out, although Smotherman said he does not know the amount taken in past years.

When reached by phone, Jumper, who lives in Buford, declined to comment. No charges have been filed."


Anonymous said...

My prayers are with Floy Jumper and his family.
Jay West

Shirley said...

I was shocked to hear this sad story and I hope that both Floy and his family will heal spiritually and emotionally. Many prayers are lifting up this family to the Lord. He is quick to forgive if we ask Him. I know that Floy will do the right thing.
With love and prayers,
Shirley McGinnis
Dunwoody, GA

Anonymous said...

I was there and saw it all as a Senior Decon and Officer of the Church.

Floy, His wife Barbie (and her crazy "Church Lady" hair), His Daughter Amy, and her husband Casey are a ciminal ring. (How much Church money is Casey hiding at UBS? How many Church dollars paid for Amys education and for Floy's Fat Son?)

Don't pray for Judas. He has received his payment for selling-out Jesus.

Pray for the people harmed by this fraud.

For the record, This Criminal stole more than $725,000 over many, many years... all the while standing up in front of the 173-year-old congregation claming that all the finances were in-order.

Fcuk-Face Floy hadn't had a paying-job since 2003.

Please, please, please don't pray for his family (the Jumpers, Jones, Lockes, and the Vicks). They've been profiting from Theft from a Church for many years and all the while Mr. Jumper held himself up as the "Ruling Elder" of Peachtree Corners ARP Church.

They deserve the Lake of Fire.

Christopher Lamm

P.S. My horrible time at this Church taught me that Orgnaized Religion is for Chumps. In the end, we all just rot in a box.