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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snellville car break in

There was a car break-in at the Brookside Community pool (Rockdale Circle) Monday July 5th between 7 and 8pm. The car was locked, but a purse was inside the car and visible.  A window was busted out.

I was in the parking lot right after this happened, and I took this photo.

If you notice the glass is on the pavement outside the car. Usually, when something like a crowbar or a baseball bat is used, the glass would go INTO the car. But this is on the outside. So I think it's likely the criminal had a 'Rescue Seat Belt Cutter Tool' (the kind that has the emergency cutter for seat belts on one side, and the metal point on the other side for breaking glass).  They look like the tool pictured at right, although it may come in different colors. The perp probably tapped the glass and it fell outward.

They are sold as a safety item, but in this case it was a tool for commission of a crime. I would bet that the woman's purse was stripped of valuables and then discarded in the dumpsters of a nearby store, like CVS or the Quick Trip up at the corner of US78 and Rockdale Circle (because the criminals don't want to be caught with the purse, they usually just want the cash and electronics that might be in it). I urged the victim to check the dumpsters. Sometimes victims can at least find the purse and their driver's license - which can be a real pain to replace.

Members of the Brookside Swim and Tennis Community have been notified of this break in, and will all be on alert for any odd activity in the area.

Car break ins have been on the rise in the Snellville and Loganville area. Remember to lock your car, and take any valuables with you or at least hide them out of sight. Report any suspicious activity to 911.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Vehicle break-ins are not uncommon. Especially in the LA Fitness area of Snellville. When in crowded comercial areas, it's not enough to keep valuables just out of sight. But also look around and make sure no one suspicious is nearby or appear to be watching you. Look for people who wonder or drive a parking lot for a little too long and report any suspicious or unusual activity to Snellville Police Department (770)985-3555.