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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Man says Loganville Police brutalized him

LOGANVILLE, Ga. - A man says he called Loganville police to his home for help and ended up being beaten by officers. Kenny Dixon said Friday that he arrived home Wednesday to find that his son had committed suicide.
Crews responded to the emergency, but Dixon said police made one of his family's darkest days even worse by attacking, then arresting him."  MORE

I think there is a more to this story than has been told. There are two sides to a story. The GBI is investigating this. Does the man have injuries? Yes. But, all we know is what he says happened. A neighbor didn’t come out of her house until she heard a commotion. So she didn’t see what happened to lead to this alleged brutality. Someone can allege or accuse anybody of anything, just because someone is accused doesn’t mean they are guilty.

Loganville Police say nothing to hide. It's unclear how long it will take the GBI investigation to be completed.

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